Pregnancy and Infant Massage


During those 40 weeks of pregnancy your body goes through many changes. Regular massage, starting as early as the first trimester can ease discomfort, help your body adjust to the changes and benefit baby too. 

Prenatal Massage can be a great tool in helping you feel good during your pregnancy. 


Infant Massage is an amazing way to introduce babies to positive touch, wellness and relaxation. Support their health as they get to know their body. Massage can be done by the therapist or parents and caregivers can learn a full body infant massage in a private or group Infant Massage Class. (click here for infant massage class schedlue)


Infant Massage can help manage gas/colic,benefit sleep, digestion and assist in motor control and muscle health among many more benefits. 


Taking time for yourself doesn't have to be put on hold after baby is born. In fact, its a perfect time to come for a massage. Your body is healing from carrying and birthing your baby and all of the additional body changes and requirements of a new mommy. Massage is a great way for mom and baby to have some quiet time together.

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