Pelvic Massage

Gynovisceral Massage (Pelvic Massage) is the external massage of the femal pelvis to increase organ health and function. There is such an intricate balance in the pelvis where organs, ligaments  & pelvic bones interact and rely on each other for balance and wellness.  When one aspect becomes misaligned or does not function properly it can affect how the whole system interact and functions.


Pelvic massage ca help to bring harmony back to the pelvis, allowing it to function as nature intended, without pain.


Through manupulation of the lesser pelvic organs and compensating structures, Mercier Therapy provides an in depth and effective approach to healing. Ideal for reproductive wellness and a number of conditions and concerns including:

* Conception Challenges

* Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

* Endometriosis

* Painful, Irregular or Absent Menses

* Painful intercourse

* Lack of Ovulation (Annovulation)

*Pre/Post Surgical

*Pelvic Pain


NOTE: There is no internal work done

All massage is through abdomen

Serving Durham and surrounding regions

Tel: 905.718.3799

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